familyOver the years, we have received hundreds of letters from our customers. While it would be impossible to list them all here, we thought that some of you might enjoy reading a sample of what we receive each day.

Dear Sir: A year ago, I received 2 Electronic Pest Repellers. They have done a perfect job. Now I have sold my house and want to leave them with the new owners. I am moving to a small home and would like to have one for it.

A thank you note is in order. First, for a pest repeller that, in spite of snickers from friends, does work. Second, for your generous warranty policy. And third, for your extraordinary prompt return. It took exactly one week from me to you and back to me.

This is a telephone message that was on voice mail in regard to the previous letter: This message is in reference to a letter that I wrote to your company. I meant every word in that letter, and I am so grateful for your Pest-A-Cator product and for the health benefits that it provides eradicating the entire apartment of roaches. I am just so grateful. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX. And again, thank everyone who makes this product and your company for the wonderful product.

Dear Global Instruments: Well, the rats are gone & so are the mice. I am so happy! For years I have been plagued by rodents & they have been winning. NO MORE! This PEST-A-CATOR is a good thing. I will tell my friends.

Dear Pest Control Manufacturer: I want to thank you for the development and manufacture of your product called Pest-A-Cator. Because of you, my quality of life and health has greatly improved. Just a few months ago, our apartment building became infested with roaches. Our landlord was very prompt in trying to eradicate the problem by hiring a pest exterminator who came three months in a row to spray the entire apartment building, including in all cabinets, closets, an storage areas. If anything, the problem was just as bad, if not worse. I was considering moving because I could not tolerate the roaches around my food and dishes, even though everything was coverd in zip-lock bags or tightly sealed containers. When I saw the Pest-A-Cator advertised on sale, and, though expensive, I decided I would try it and take it back if it did not work on your money-back guarantee. It changed my life instantly! Only two roaches were seen after I plugged it in, and there has not been one - not even one - hint of any problem since then! Your product really does work! I am so grateful that I decided to write you to tell you how satisfied I am.

This is a recent phone conversation with Customer Service

Customer:  "I am calling today to let you know how happy I am with your product."

"I live in an area that is over abundant with bugs of all kinds and rodents, however I have NEVER had a problem with them until August of last year. After trying a few methods of getting rid of them and giving up on using an exterminator because of the expense, I finally caught a dozen rats in traps. When I was in my local Home Depot store, I noticed the Pest A Cator and asked the sales clerk how it worked.  Needless to say, I made the purchase. After plugging the unit into my home and following the instructions to seal all of the known holes in the side of the house, I have not had any more problems with the rats and I believe it has even taken care of the roaches and spiders that have also been a problem."

"I will be recommending the Pest A Cator to my family and friends, but I need to know if it is safe around cats and dogs as many of them have pets."

Customer Service: "Thank you for calling.  It is nice to hear about your experience with our product, and to answer your question, YES, it is safe to use around cats and dogs."

I feel so fortunate to have found your website this morning. I have used the electronic pest system for 8 years and couldn't find it for sale at my usual place. I purchased the first one when I lived in Florida, and flying roaches got inside the house. It took care of the problem. They left the house. I moved back to Kentucky and use it to keep mice out. I know it works. I bought one for a daughter when I head she was moving to the south. Another daughter bought a home and heard something running between the walls at night. It was a two-story house, and she bought one for each floor, and two nights after she plugged it in, she hasn't heard a thing running between the walls. That was three years ago. I have been here six years, and my first electronic pest control quit working, and I had mice enter before I could receive a replacement thru the mail. Thank you for this wonderful product. It works!
After several weeks of trying to catch a squirrel in a baited trap in our attic without success, we installed a Pest A Cator Plus in an outlet near his nest in the wall. For the first time, the squirrel avoided the nest at night and ended up being caught in the trip the first night we had the Pest A Cator plugged in! Evidently, the Pest A Cator was enough to keep the normally diaurnal squirrel awake and disturbed at night away from his nest! We're going to buy a second one and keep them plugged in 24/7 to keep anything else from coming in.

“Dear Pest-A-Cator, I just love my new product. We have recently purchased a home on the ocean in Florida; a very rat-infested fixer-upper. We were referred to your product by friends, and being desperate, we ordered two units. The rats do not like these units, and we do not see, hear, or smell them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”