Just plug it in! Pest-A-Cator®’s patented pulse technology was designed to connect through the neutral wire of a standard electrical outlet and to send a pulsing signal throughout the wiring of your home (or other structure with standard electrical wiring). This silent pulse is intended to annoy rodents and may help with rodent problems behind walls, floors, and ceilings where rodents typically nest.

  • Not a chemical or poison
  • Family, pet, and computer-friendly
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • Humane approach
  • Money-back guarantee
Pestacator Step 1

Simply plug the unit into any indoor 110-volt outlet. A blinking light tells you it’s activated.

Pestacator Step 2

PEST-A-CATOR® operates continuously and complies with applicable FCC rules.*

Pestacator Step 3

Within days, you may see an increase in activity as PEST-A-CATOR® begins working.