I feel so fortunate to have found your website this morning. I have used the electronic pest system for 8 years and couldn't find it for sale at my usual place. I purchased the first one when I lived in Florida, and flying roaches got inside the house. It took care of the problem. They left the house. I moved back to Kentucky and use it to keep mice out. I know it works. I bought one for a daughter when I head she was moving to the south. Another daughter bought a home and heard something running between the walls at night. It was a two-story house, and she bought one for each floor, and two nights after she plugged it in, she hasn't heard a thing running between the walls. That was three years ago. I have been here six years, and my first electronic pest control quit working, and I had mice enter before I could receive a replacement thru the mail. Thank you for this wonderful product. It works!