Dear Pest Control Manufacturer: I want to thank you for the development and manufacture of your product called Pest-A-Cator. Because of you, my quality of life and health has greatly improved. Just a few months ago, our apartment building became infested with roaches. Our landlord was very prompt in trying to eradicate the problem by hiring a pest exterminator who came three months in a row to spray the entire apartment building, including in all cabinets, closets, an storage areas. If anything, the problem was just as bad, if not worse. I was considering moving because I could not tolerate the roaches around my food and dishes, even though everything was coverd in zip-lock bags or tightly sealed containers. When I saw the Pest-A-Cator advertised on sale, and, though expensive, I decided I would try it and take it back if it did not work on your money-back guarantee. It changed my life instantly! Only two roaches were seen after I plugged it in, and there has not been one - not even one - hint of any problem since then! Your product really does work! I am so grateful that I decided to write you to tell you how satisfied I am.