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PestVacator® 800 is an electronic device recommended for use in small to medium indoor areas as an alternative for people that do not want to use chemical solutions within their homes. Instead, the PestVacator® 800 utilizes ultrasonic technology.

How it Works:

Ultrasonic technology is something that has been around for many years, and while it does have its limitations, it has been generally regarded as having the effect of repelling pests (particularly rodents), especially in open areas and in relatively close proximities to the source of the sound transmissions. The ultrasonic signal is “broadcast” by sweeping various frequencies and with an on-off cycle in order to avoid the numbing effect obtained with any constant sensory stimulus. Since the ultrasonic units do not penetrate hard objects, they work best in open areas helping to keep your homes safe!

For the ultrasonic technology feature to work, plug the unit into any unobstructed 110V outlet within the home where pests are a problem.

For larger indoor areas, you'll want our 1500 model.

  • Maintenance free!
  • Not a chemical that washes away
  • No traps that require emptying dead or dying animals
  • Safe to use around children and household pets (except rodent type pets), the PestVacator® may actually help in reducing monthly exterminator costs.
  • Ultrasonic Technology delivers sound waves that may help drive pests out of a targeted area
  • Rodent repelling aid
  • Designed for use in smaller indoor areas

PestVacator 800

Note: As with any pest management technique, no one method is completely effective, and a program of integrated management involving a variety of techniques and practices is most likely to provide the desired results.